Every year on Christmas Eve, my street family and I gather on the Legislature steps just before midnight. In a couple weeks, we’ll be meeting there once again to hold our candlelight vigil for the members of our community that we’ve lost. It’s a time for us to simply stand together in peace, reverence and solidarity, perhaps telling a story or two to remember those who’ve left us behind, or sending up a quiet prayer.

It’s a somber occasion and it’s a special night. We’ll also be giving thanks for our loved ones who are still alive and for the people in our community—people like you—who make it possible for the Dandelion Society to continue spreading hope.

I truly believe that hope does live here in the city of Victoria. Even when we’re spending time in mourning, we’re surrounded by the encouragement and hope that generosity like yours provides.

Your gifts have truly changed lives over this past year. Every time I’m able to comfort someone in need with a hot cup of coffee, simple companionship or an event like our candlelight vigil, I know that it’s all because of incredible support from people like you. Please continue to support this life-giving work being done on the streets of Victoria everyday as we move into the new year.

Wishing you and your loved ones peace and hope this Christmas and New Year.