Last month, a woman who I’d never met reached out to me through an email. She’d heard of what the Dandelion Society does to help the community and wanted to know if I could somehow find beds for a couple of her five children. For the past year, they’d been sleeping on terribly old mattresses that felt like bare and jagged springs.

She told me that she’d googled “help” and the Dandelion Society website had appeared. With nowhere else to turn, she wrote me, telling me that she hadn’t ever asked for help before.

I was moved by her straightforward request. I understand how hard it can be to ask for help. I also know that my supporters—people like you—are an incredibly generous group who will do everything they can to help. So I reached out immediately to all of you, on Facebook.

And you know what? Within three days, you had responded exactly how I knew you would. Together, we were able to provide comfortable beds for the rest of this woman’s children. Now she can rest, knowing that she and her children are cared for—and will continue to be cared for—in times of need.

She was amazed by the overwhelming and generous response. Now she knows that this is how asking for help works, and this is how community works.

Thank you for being such a good example of community working together for the greater good!