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Get to the Heart of Poverty

By becoming one of Al’s Pals, you are helping the root of the issue. We work directly on the streets of Victoria and are here to come alongside those who are struggling to get by on the streets. We are here to show them the hope and belonging that everyone deserves and to help them help themselves.

Your Monthly Pledge will Help

Practical Care

From sleeping bags to socks, toothbrushes to groceries and a warm cup of coffee to a bedfor the night, we are here to make sure that every person has what they need to survive, and to eventually thrive. By giving monthly, you will be helping someone on the street access basic necessities that every single person is entitled to.


Building community happens in different ways. It can be ensuring that someone who has family that is sick can find their way to the hospital to visit them. It can be connecting people with housing situations. It can even be as simple as waking someone up with a cup of coffee and a smile, so that they know, when they start their day, that someone out there cares for them.

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