Did you know that I recently celebrated my 70th birthday? Today as I write this—with a full seven decades under my belt—I’m humbled by how much less I know now than I thought I would at this age. All I can really say is thank you.

Working with the Dandelion Society has been a critical practice in taking one day at a time. I never know what will happen next, relying on the generosity of the Greater Victoria community as well as my more widespread supporters.

Whether I’m sharing coffee and a few jokes with some of my streets friends in Rock Bay, or helping someone look for a job, or find an apartment to rent, or get connected with a food bank—I know that I’m not alone in my work. I’m backed by a group of wonderful donors, as well as volunteers. I could continue by listing all of the people who encourage and support the Dandelion Society’s community service, but there are so many of you that I’d surely leave some of you out by mistake.

What I do want to say is that this summer has truly been a season of blessings. We’ve been able to aid many of our street community members by listening and connecting them with other places and organizations offering life-giving services and programs.

And now, as we begin to imagine what autumn might be like here in Victoria—with the days becoming cool once again—I hope that all of you will continue to stay connected by reading our latest news and continuing to remember us in your thoughts and prayers!

Thank you for helping bring hope and healing to our street community.