The Victoria Dandelion Society is committed to supporting our street family, one person at a time. We offer unconditional love to all who come our way and advocate for the voiceless, restoring hope in the places most affected by physical and relational poverty.

We live out our mission by being present in the places that shelter those who are forgotten, those who have fallen through the cracks of the system. We don’t have an office, instead we do all our work on the streets, in hospitals, and in jails, meeting those who are homeless wherever they are. The people we serve are loved and appreciated and they know it.

Core Values


Relationships keep our sense of belonging alive. All relationships require vulnerability and trust, so we meet with the street community where they are at, patiently and consistently developing our connection over time.


Everyone in our community is deserving of love and we all have inherent value, despite the most difficult circumstances. We work hard to combat the negative stereotypes that are too often experienced by our street family. We approach every day as a new, hopeful day.


We stand alongside those without supports and promote their rights when they need it most. Poverty is not just an issue of those experiencing it but of the whole community, and we work to address it at the street level.


We encourage the inherent talents and gifts in everyone we meet. Everyone has something to offer, and we approach every interaction with love and respect.

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