Special Announcement From The Dandelion Society

The Dandelion Society is in transition as we celebrate Rev Al’s retirement at age 75.
The outstanding work of the Dandelion Society with the homeless, addicted, and mentally ill on the streets of Victoria would not be possible without your financial support.

After almost a year of careful thought, discussion and analysis, The Victoria Dandelion Society (VDS) and Our Place Society (OPS) are delighted to announce that the fine work of the VDS will continue as the Dandelion Outreach Services program under the direction and responsibility of Our Place.

With your help, we have moved from providing a cup of coffee out of the trunk of a car to becoming a valuable support, not only to our street family, but to the social network of Greater Victoria during crises like the global pandemic, the opioid crisis, the housing crisis, extreme weather protocol, and the ongoing needs of our street family. And you ensured we had the means and resources to answer these calls.

We are asking all of you to continue your generous support of the Dandelion Outreach Services program under the leadership of Our Place Society. Rev Al has been asked to train all the staff, ensuring that the Dandelion Outreach Program continues with the ethos and spirit in which it was created and served.

To enable Our Place to update you on this development and their many other programs that care for people facing hard times, they look forward to writing to you shortly and offering you a range of communication options. The Dandelion Society will continue its services until August 31, 2021.

It is with thanks and our deepest appreciation for your past support and we hope you will continue to support the program in its new home.