I’ve noticed that the mornings are starting to get chillier, especially in the hours just before dawn. Summer is over in Victoria and while I gather with my team of staff and volunteers, I can see our breath rising in the air as we discuss our plan for the day.

Every morning, we talk about the best ways that we can advocate not only for the people we’ve met here on the streets, but for any person or family who comes to us in need. It’s the daily mission of the Dandelion Society to remind the city that hope lives here, where we are, in our everyday lives.

Time and again, I’ve watched a friend choose to focus on hope, and turn their whole life around.

Many times, I’ve sat with someone who is able to share their vision of hope despite their difficult circumstances. These people in Victoria’s street community, my friends, are resilient people.

Even though winter is a frightening landscape for those without a house to call home, many people will face it with bold hearts. Still, I believe it’s the job of the community to pull together and help each other in dangerous times.

The cold can cause a lot of dangerous health problems and even emergencies, so please consider stepping forward to partner with us today. You can share more warmth, comfort and shelter.

Your friend,

Reverend Al Tysick