While we’re still on Daylight Saving Time, it’s easy to think of October as a friendly month full of crunchy leaves, woodsmoke and children walking the sidewalks in their Halloween costumes a full week before the 31st. But once we set the clocks back on November 6, night seems to fall as soon as it’s past noon.

It can become increasingly difficult to really experience hope in your heart when it’s physically dark out so much of the time. For people who do not have a comfortable home to retreat to, or a loving family nearby to lift their spirits, it’s even harder to keep spirits up.

Here are some ways that you can help share hope as the colder, darker half of the year settles in to stay for a while:

  • Talk to people about the situation of homelessness here in Victoria.
    Tell people about the Victoria Dandelion Society.
    Give to support our morning runs!
    Volunteer with us!
    Ask us about donating goods. We’re continually collecting and distributing sleeping bags, toques, scarves, coats, socks, gloves and other clothing items, along with other supplies as needed.

Thank you for everything you do as an advocate for my friends on the street.