The month leading up to Easter is a perfect time to contemplate new life, and all the hope this season brings. With Easter comes radical hope–hope that pierces through brokenness. As I think about all of the gifts given by caring people like you, I feel incredibly grateful that our hope is not in vain. Knowing that I have such a strong support system helps me feel motivated as I get up before dawn each morning. I am so grateful that your care extends to those who are struggling with poverty in Victoria.

Recently, a very generous donor offered to match all gifts leading up to Easter Sunday, up to $25,000! I am overwhelmed with gratitude. This is such an exciting opportunity for our little Dandelion Society. It’s these acts of kindness—going above and beyond to help those who are struggling—that spreads real hope! But no matter how much you’re able to give, you are making a difference.

Sometimes, in order for people to make big changes in their lives, they need others to believe in them. So thank you for believing in Victoria’s street community—so full of creative and passionate individuals with inspiring stories, who have fallen on difficult times.

You have truly worked miracles in the lives of our street family and inspired confidence for renewal, again and again.

Thank you for everything you do. Wishing you and yours a happy and hopeful Easter!