Known as “Rev Al” by Victoria’s street community, Reverend Allen Tysick has been committed to the streets – where his heart and “family” are – for over 40 years. He founded the Victoria Dandelion Society in April 2011 as a way to carry his work on the front lines into the future.

Every morning, he hits the streets at 5:30am with coffee, muffins, and whatever warm supplies he has. While those who sleep outside are awakened by the sounds of an awakening city, Al is there to make sure everyone has a safe and welcoming start to their day. He spends the rest of his day going from hospitals, jails and residencies, helping those he visits in whatever they need.

Wherever he is, Al reminds people that they matter. He treats marginalized persons with dignity and respect by offering them the best of his compassion, hope and care. At the Dandelion Society, we support Reverend Al’s work, ensuring that his essential mission continues on Victoria’s streets.